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    So The Rocketeer is on my list of top ten movies, (which is actually about 30 movies long). I've always loved the look of the costume, especially the helmet. It has a great 30's art deco feel to it. Ever since I saw the movie I wanted my own helmet. Well I found out that a friend of mine worked at design Setters back in the 90's, and had a production made helmet. They were willing to let me mold it and cast up a few helmets, as long as I didn't make more than a few and that I destroyed the mold when I was done. So I made an ugly, quick mold and cast a few for me and some friends. it's taken me about 5 years of on again, off again work, but my Rocketeer helmet is finally done. I didn't take any pictures of the inside, but thanks to Valor for making such a great liner, I highly recomend picking one up if you are doing a Rocketeer helmet. So on with the pictures.

    Here it is fresh out of the mold, before I did any trimming or sanding.

    I trimmed out all the openings and then painted it with an automotive clear coat, with gold powder mixed in. Nice and durable.

    Next I started the weathering process. I first hit the helmet with some 0000 steel wool to give it a slight brushed look, and to give it a little tooth, so that the other paints would adhere better. I then used different acrylic washes, and removed areas with acetone and a sea sponge. I mixed a few different colors of rub 'n buff together to get a dark patina color for all the deep recesses. Rubbed it on and then used a clean rag to remove it from the high spots.

    I also wanted a custom stand for the helmet. It took me a while to come up with a design, but I finally settled on a stand inspired by the design of the jet pack.
    I started with three layers of MDF. I wanted a few hollow areas, so that's why I did the three different layers, with the middle layer being smaller than the other two.

    I then started cladding the outside with 1/16" thick acrylic that I cut on the laser cutter.

    After I got all the parts glued on, I bondo'd all the seams, added fins, and painted it with an automotive silver, followed by a clear coat and some subtle aging. I also added some gum for luck. I made the gum out of epoxy putty and added a little color to it.

    Here's the final thing with lenses, aging and stand. Thanks for looking

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    Swgeek,that is one piece of AMAZING art you have constructed there ! Very,VERY cool :cool
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    Great prop and base, love you're patination effect.
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  4. joberg

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    Excellent results and the job is top notch:cool Always loved the movie and the costume also; I think Joe Johnston is an Art Deco amateur and it shows throughout the movie.
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    Wow that is stunning. I own a couple of helmets including the MR but yours looks way better.
    I love the Rocketeer it is a very under rated movie. The costume and style of the movie was so stylish. The movie is a ten in my opinion.

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    Wow, that is one of the best pieces of art I have seen on this site, period
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    Love this movie and I love this prop. Great work.
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    I've wanted a Rocketeer helmet (perhaps even a full costume) for YEARS! This looks absolutely incredible. A true work of art!

  9. RacerMachX

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    Fantastic build. Love the gum!
  10. The Cog

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    Love how you tied everything together! This looks great!
  11. ShortWookie

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    The gum on the display is genius, I love it. You did an amazing job! :)
  12. Valor

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    Excellent, excellent job. I love the creative approach of the stand!
  13. Apollo

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    Nicely done, love the stand!
  14. swgeek

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    Thanks everybody! Really nice comments. It feels good to complete a project, makes me want to finish more, haha.
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  16. swgeek

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    Thanks man, yours is looking great!
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    Dang that looks awesome! Just received one of Oz's helmets and I might need to steal your stand idea, it's amazing!!

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