Rocketeer Diner...The Bulldog Cafe...sort of


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Hey everyone. I just wanted to pass this along to my fellow finheads and anyone else who has love for the Rocketeer film:

If you ever make your way to Southern California (Orange County...Disneyland) and have the time. Check out a town called Old Towne Orange. Its a historic area with most shops and houses in the area over 100 years old. Just walking in the area and you'll feel like you just stepped out of a time machine.

Anyway, in Old Towne Orange, there is a restaurant called the Filling Station. This thing has been around for decades! Once you step inside, the main interior of the place has an uncanny resemblence to the Bulldog Cafe in the Rocketeer. It's one of my regular places to eat (I live in Old Towne Orange) and I'd be more than happy to give any RPF member a tour and a free meal should you ever make the time to come this way.

Here are some pics of the place. Compare it to some screenshots of the film...


The exterior...I believe this place was a gas station back in the late 30's/40's. Hence the name...


Here's the interior. Now if I can only get them to replace some of the auto
pics with some aviation the one below...

The finheads know this pic!

Hope you guys like!
That looks great! The inside does resemble the Bulldog Cafe quite a bit! Now if we can only get a Jenny look-alike to sit in the booth... :love
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