Rocket Racoon Power Blaster Help!!


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Hey guys! I'm new here, and I want to ask, any ideas for making Rocket Raccoon's gun?

I'm not capable of doint it printed in 3D, or laser cut, where I live, these are VERY expensive.
I don't want to make everything out of foam, I need to travel on a bus with this so it has to be strong, but light, so I can move with it.
Any pepakura files out there?? or a 3d model so I can see every piece?
I've made a blueprint of the lateral view on PS, but even with that I can't imagine all the parts @_@


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If you're not too worried about accuracy i'd say maybe find a good nerf gun as a base then just mod some of the parts that are off and that hook at the end. I read a thread where a bunch of posters had success finding good nerf guns for cheap at goodwills.
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