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We are going to be cosplaying Guardians of the galaxy for the next convention we do. (A while from now) my 5 year old really wanted to be Rocket, because he thinks a raccoon that kicks butt and shoots guns is awesome :) He fell in love with them when they showed up on his spiderman cartoon. I decided to start working on it ahead of time before the next conventions pop up. I made a rough face cast by coating him in vaseline, taping plastic wrap on to protect his hair, using low endothermic plaster bandages (i tested them first) and built a thin layer ( i mention how awesome my son is? Lol) Once it dried , i removed it and closed up the nose holes and made it stronger.

I lined it with vaseline, then poured in plaster (this works fine if you dont mind losing your mould) this left me with a great base to sculpt on. I sculpted out what i wanted then covered it with latex rubber ( i cant afford silicone for one mask, i spent $11 at hobby lobby and still have half a bottle left) i did 6 layers of it. I added keys and a bridge and plastered hald my mould, lined it with vaseline then did the other half to get my mother mould. Once dry i sprayed pam spray in my mould (no mould release :( ) and slush casted it with resin, 5 layers.

Ive since cut out eyeholes and opened the mouth with hinges so it opens and closes.

Teeth are sculpted and made. Waiting on the eyes and fur to arrive to fur it and finish making the back of the head.. More to come :)


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Thank you mikefu and mccordia. I just got the teeth in this morning. :) kids costumes are fun, they get so excited! 20140620_104706.jpg


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thanks! Lol, im only 5 ft tall, if my 15 year old wasn't going to be him, thatd be funny. Im going as gamora, my husband as drax, oldest son as groot, 13 year old as yondu, 11 year old as starlord, and my daughter as nebula :)
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That's awesome you got the whole gang there! It's pretty cool to have a whole family But you totally need to put up pics when the whole family is dressed up, would love to see that! Btw, did you ever think about doing this at the premiere? I went as spidey to the premiere of TASM, was a whole lot of fun!
Ya its really fun to cosplay together. When they are all finished I'm definately going to post pictures. We all did XMen this year and almost went to a special showing dressed up but work got in the way. I bet that is fun to do!!
This is looking amazing so far! This could be the equivalent of a 1980's Gaurdians of the Galexy movie.
Having your son as Rocket is going to be the most accurate Coplay around as far as size.
Also the eyes look great!

What version of the Gaurdian's costumes are you going with? One from the comics, or the film?

Have you thought about adding a lip snarling effect? Like with Chew's mask from Star Wars?
Rebel Legion :: View topic - Creating a Realistic Lip Curl
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Thank you! I decided im going to go with the newer movie version. Most ive seen are of the comic version so I was hoping to be ome of the first to do a descent movie version.
Im going to look into the snarl. I had searched other sites but couldnt find details, will definately look.
I traced out my fur patterns after taping it down. Cool thing is i left extra fabric so a snarl is possibl.
I really like how he's coming out. I also will do some padding on his legs and arms to help with making him have more raccoon like legs. His hands will have latex gloves with fur punched through after I sculpt them. Im super excited.
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