Rocket Raccoon Girl Costume

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    I am looking to do a female Rocket Raccoon costume and I love the artwork that was done for this comic cover so I am taking the inspiration for that.

    I have picked up some great looking faux fur fabric for the boot covers, arm/hand warmers, tail and ears.
    I am thinking that I am going to get some white skinny jeans to dye orange for the pants and I am thinking of just using nylon strapping for the leg straps to attach to the belt.

    I am still wondering what to do for the top. My sewing skills are not excellent so I am not looking for anything too complicated to do but I would love any feedback of ideas any of you may have.
    I am also thinking that for some uses I may want a small Rocket mask but I was thinking of just the lower part of the face to cover the nose and mouth but I don't know how to do that. Does anyone have any ideas or would anyone be interested in taking a commission like that.

    Thanks in advance.

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