Robot Monster helmet.


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Here's my attempt at a Robot Monster helmet. Based on the original, but heavily influenced by the commercially produced model available several years ago. This is for display only and at 10 inches in diameter it is smaller than the original.


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Dr Jones Sr

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That's amazing, Ro-Man!

Has anybody made a fullsize helmet and worn it with a flabby gorilla suit? That would be so cool.


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As a professional in the film industry, building specialty costumes, I have a personal rule for Halloween , which is, I can't spend more than a week building any costume. In most cases I give myself only a couple of days. Here is one I built in a day a number of years ago. (I had the cheap gorilla suit)


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Found this yesterday, forgot I had made it.
Todd Masters (talented, Emmy winning Makeup FX guy) had a Halloween party every year called, Monster Bash and it was not to be missed, as many of Hollywood's make up talent would attend with amazing costumes. The year I made the Robot Monster, my wife wore a 50's space suit costume. One of the photographers gave me a shot he took of us and I made it into a 50's movie poster.

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