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Hello There!
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So i came up with this funky design for a robin costume a while back and i've decided im going to try and make it!

The idea is that its a stylised suit, but its also realistic.
I loved how in Nolan's batman everything on batman's suit served a purpose and was all accounted for, so i've been trying to incorporate that kind of "functionality" but also keeping it stylised at the same time. However unlike Nolan's Batman suit, i didn't want Robin to look super futuristic and military. Instead im thinking more like if "Batman" was in Watchmen, so it would be kind of like a dystopian dark gritty 1980's kind of Gotham City. With a young, Kit-bash, somewhat steam-punk Dick Grayson (or Tim Drake).

So the plan is:

-Buy some fabrics for the coat, mask and cape. (Sowing is not my forté so that could go horrible wrong)

-Find the perfect goggles.

-I already own a pair of knee high doc martens So thats that covered at least.

-Build a Grapnel Gun (still in designing faze)

Get some black leather pouches. (probably look on e-bay, or try and build them myself?)

-Im going to need a WIG because I have red hair (worked great for Riddler and Rorschach, but i dont think it will look good on Robin)

And finally i need to build some armour plates, and gauntlets, Now this part i haven't given much thought to yet, im not sure how i'll make them. Their design will probably change a lot too, as they are quite generic at the present.

If anyone has any ideas for gadgets or armour plates, or any feedback on the design itself, please feel free to comment! This is my first major cosplay so a lot of the processes are going to be new and strange and awkward, but i thought if i document it here, at least i might learn something eh?

I'm hoping to go to the fabric shop very soon, and work on this project will hopefully get under way shortly after.
However, i am currently beginning my last year of School, so updates could take a while... or who knows, maybe I'll end up working on the suit more as a form of procrastination? either way, im not under any specific schedule so ill be taking my time, to do it right.

Anyway thankyou for reading!

P.S. anyone else in Victoria, Australia?



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Most here use EVA foam for building armor and such. I've been looking into using paper mache for some smaller pieces to give it that more form fitting, solid, smooth appearance. Pretty nice design, too. Kinda like an almost Steampunk Robin, but not. Also, look into Tandy leather if you're thinking about making your own belt with pouches. It shouldn't cost more than about 100$ for enough supplies to build everything including the holster.

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Firstly, I am IN LOVE with your design, it looks absolutely fantastic! I can't wait to see some progress pictures.
For armor, lots of people use foam, but I'm not a fan of it, as it just doesn't really look right for most projects, and has a weird finish look, plus problems with paint cracking and not sticking in the first place. It's doable, it's just not what I would suggest. If you want them to be like real armor plates, look into Sintra. You can buy it on ebay and sometimes amazon, and it comes in green. It's a hard plastic that can be cut and bent into shape with a heat gun, and is very durable and impact resistant. It takes paint well, and looks great. I'm building a Dark Knight suit out of it here: so you get an idea of what the material can do. It's also very affordable. Measurements above 3mm or 1/8" thickness work best, my armor is made from 6mm, as it's more durable. Hope that helps, and good luck on your project :)