Robin Web Series: Costume Redesign - Help Wanted


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Hey guys! I made this account just a few days ago for the sole purpose of asking for assistance, but my team and I have stalked and gawked at the amazing costumes on this site (Seriously, it's incredible what you guys do)!

Anyways, we recently finished production on the first episode of our Robin (Jason Todd) Web Series, and we are about to start production on episodes 2 and 3. We want this to be unlike any other fan series out there; a personal, beautifully twisted, original story.

For the first episode, we went with a very simple look, I think it worked for what it was.
Here is a picture:
PART 1.png

But for the rest of the series, we want to make something that looks more tactical, and just all around more professional and less cheap. We upgraded the base of the new suit, to a spandex under shirt that has a brighter textured pattern. We also changed the boot color from yellow.
Here are some crappy pics of the new base of the costume.
We do NOT want an armored look (like The Dark Knight or Arkham), we want to keep it classic along the lines of the comics and The Animated Series. Which means we are going for a more foam padding look, like

Winter Soldier: 6de3f892c924d15c-captainamerica2532742cee4f7a.jpg

or Nightwing The Series: 0564fbf73d3233a2088b33afd2c2960d.jpg

So what do you guys think would look more tactical? Any ideas you have would be incredible! (Ofc we would credit you guys)
We have some resources (3D Printers, a small studio space we can get messy, etc.) but know very little about how to go about casting, and building the actual layers to the suit. Any help would be greatly appreciated. We want to make a series that could air on Netflix, and a series that fans and non fans will appreciate.


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I've seen the first episode and its shot beautify. I like the new shirt design a lot btw. I'd recommend going with a strapless mask if you can and check out the YouTube channel John hay. he does some awesome cosplay stuff and he does all of his armor pieces in a low profile way that i think would lend itself well to your series. Hope this helps!

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First off welcome to the forum. Second, if you're going for a more tactical look I would go with Eva foam for the armor pieces and adhere fabric over it. For a good example look up Cosplay Chris on YouTube, specifically his batfleck build. Also for a more winter solder looking fabric I would look at cordura. Hope this helps, and I look forward to seeing the series.

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Awesome project and I look forward to seeing more!

I’ll second Captain Rogers on the foam and cordura comments. I’ve done several projects recently using 2mm craft foam (I get the rolls rather than the little sheets) to create the layer details. Then I cover them with cordura using spray mount and put them all together. I also frequently use headliner foam in pieces to give them a lot of structure but allow them to remain very flexible. You can create the pieces and then put them over a stretchy undersuit (jumbo spandex on the matte side and ponte work well as they are thick and have a lot of body to them). The other good thing about suits made with this process is they are lightweight, flexible and not crazy expensive to produce if you need to build copies.

Here are a few of my threads that go into more details on the process that I’ve been using: Batman Noel Wolverine Daredevil Punisher

Hope that helps!
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