Interest Robin Redbird torso molded from production made chest


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This is a project I have wanted to do for a very long time. This is a production made torso that was done for Batman & Robin. It was not used as you can see. This has been confirmed by Jose Fernandez to be his sculpt. It is foam latex and still has the studio tag. This piece has the side oblique armor that may have been for the ice suit at the end of the movie. No idea and Jose had an idea that it may have been for the toys.
Either way I want to make a wearable copy. Bob D had a very decent sculpt years ago but it wasnt fully accurate and the noone has ever replicated this piece properly in my opinion. The best way to do so is to mold the production piece. Yes this may ruin the original but at this point I simply want to be able to have an actual Robin suit from B&R that can be worn.
I have a mold for legs, knees and even the neck.
The pictures are the torso sitting on a mannequin form that is too big for it which is why it looks a little distorted around the neck and shoulders. The idea is to remove or at least cut open the undersuit a little bit and properly mount it on Bob D torso I own. This will put the arms in the correct position and will make it easier to mold.
I can do this with a nice red or blue for the bird.
Price will be $500.00 a torso with matching cod. There will NEVER be a more accurate version of this torso and this has direct production lineage.
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