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Want to Buy Robin costume

Discussion in 'Want to Buy' started by bradtdkrises, Mar 30, 2015.

  1. bradtdkrises

    bradtdkrises Active Member

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    .I'm looking to buy a Robin costume Arkham City style for my 12yr old son.
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  2. KJC

    KJC Active Member

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    I could make the mask, chest, gauntlets and shin guards. PM if interested. I'd like to know your expected budget on this and what level of quality/detail you're looking for since its for a child.
  3. bradtdkrises

    bradtdkrises Active Member

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    Im not sure exactly on budget...but down side is, he is 12. He may not be able to wear it more than 2 yrs. He's almost as tall as I am now..lol...I can't really put in a lot of money knowing he will probably out grow it soon. Detail doesn't have to be spot on or anything.
    Basically what we do is fundraisers, bday parties, visit sick kids...but we don't charge a fee. We just take a donation which in turn, we use to donate back to Just 4 kidz cancer fund here in our hometown...and just recently, my kids have decided to use the donations to sponsor a child in ChildFund Int.
    So, me, my daughter, and my son do Batman, Robin, and Batgirl...we have The Joker from time to time...but anyway, my son has outgrown Robin. I've tryed to put off buying him a good quality costume until he stopped growing. But at his rate, he'll be big enough to be Batman by the time he is 15..lol
    But just shoot me a price on the parts individually and we can see what I can do!
    Thanks soooo much for your time and reply...and willingness to help!
  4. bradtdkrises

    bradtdkrises Active Member

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    im still in need of a Robin costume...

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