Robin, and some red hood stuff

Discussion in 'DC Costumes and Props' started by gledar, Sep 3, 2015.

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    Hey guys, long time no see! I'm working on both a Robin costume (arkham inspired) and reworking my red hood. I'll post updates for both in this thread, instead of posting two separate ones.

    First, Robin;
    Desired time of completion; september 12th (cutting it close, i know), or more realistically, october 2nd
    Parts to finish; gauntlets, bicep armor, chest armor, leg armor

    so far i've tackled the gauntlets, they're near finished. First made in foam, then covered in worbla.

    2015-08-31 18.52.27.jpg

    Being worn on the current undersuit:
    2015-08-31 15.00.13-1.jpg
    (eyemask will be replaced by a new one by tigerstone, once i get it)

    I'll have to deal with the shins next, those will

    Red hood:

    Mostly just upgrading the old suit. I'm going to try and modify a cheapo pleather jacket from ebay to use as an undersuit (for both this and robin), replacing the gauntlets, making some new chest armor, and possibly bicep armor.

    Heres the general idea vs the old suit;
    2015-07-28 13.37.44.jpg vs 19513505431_6527d3ca43_o.jpg

    If anyone has foam files for the arkham knight biceps and shin guards, and could send them to me in pdf form, it would be greatly appreciated, as i'm on a Mac and can't access the pep files ;-;

    Heres the jacket i ordered;
    2015-08-27 10.25.02.jpg

    and the chest plates so far;
    2015-08-30 19.29.54.jpg
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    Looking good! Mind if I ask where you got the undersuit??

  3. gledar

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    The current undersuit is a mix of a couple different motorcross armors, but it feels a bit off the shelf if you know what i mean

    small update, got the jacket that i'll be using as the base for the new undersuit. time to try my hand at sewing, wish me luck!

    2015-09-10 23.02.10-1.jpg
  4. gledar

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    2015-09-13 23.16.19.jpg

    stuff and things for robin. maybe ready by october 2nd?

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