River's diary (Dr Who)

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    Okay so.... this only is a small project, and certainly nothing compared to some other fancy stuff around the ref, but since I am really satisfied with the result, I thought to share my version of River's diary.

    I mainly focused on two references and wanted to go for a look in between the two versions:
    (new diary)
    http://www.thedoctorwhosite.co.uk/wp-images/features/630/river-songs-diary.jpg (used diary)

    I started from scratch with 40 sheets of regular A4 printer paper which got dyed and aged with strong, black tea and dried in the oven on low heat. Fold each paper in half and stack them in groups of four, ready for binding.

    Then it was time to work on the cover, which I constructed out of foam board I had left over from my projects at university. Sidenote: cutting a whole tardis design by hand twice isn't that much fun, but it was worth it :).


    I didn't want to simply paint the cover tardis-blue like it can be seen in many tutorials, so I got a piece of black leather to wrap the cover with. The leather could have been even thinner I think, but this was the best one I found in my stock.


    I then finished the book by clueing the text block into the cover and aged it a little with black and brown paint and some sandpaper. Currently I am debating whether I want to age everything a little bit more or leave it like this.
    Anyway I really like how this turned out.

    11231850_1028172613889491_9109509514839922545_n.jpg 11902550_1028172573889495_504088720960603980_n.jpg 11954771_1028172587222827_876452919178800520_n.jpg

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    Looks really good. Nice job.
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    thx for the comment :)
    Happy to see someone likes it :D
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    Really impressive!

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