River Tam's pistol

Bad Wolf

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anyone know what that little pistol was that River pulls on Mal during the bar fight in Serenity?? kinda almost looked like it started out as Ira's pistol from Zieram 2. I also recall something like it in the old series "Earth 2".
opinions? facts? screen caps? .... anyone? :D


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There's a couple of good threads over at THE 'VERSE:

part 1

part 2

I'm leaning towards the base being a cast of a LeMat or a modern revolver--some of the greeblies look like parts from a LeMat.


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Here are the pics from that thread, and this definately looks like a revolver hidden under a bunch of dressing. I LOVE IT, and yeah, definately has a Zieram vibe, doesn't it?

I have to wonder if it's a top break revolver though, or atleast seems to have a webley or enfield release on it too, and the "wheel" at the front of the frame looks enfield-ish too.



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I dunno.. I think the top-break parts were added on -- most every top-break I've seen (including the Webleys) have the trigger group hanging down as a separate part, with the frame itself being flat or a smooth curve where the triggerguard begins. Here's an example --


The trigger group itself just fairly *screams* Smith and Wesson to me. Also, look at the very rear of the cylinder, on the left side of the frame the second picture. On a Smith model, that little ridge serves to keep the cylinder from dropping off the rod when it's opened out. It would serve no purpose in a top-break... but there it is.

I'm gonna stick with the assessment of a *very* dolled up Smith (or Taurus clone), prolly a stainless j-frame, that's been made to *look* like a top-break.

(It does look like it'd make a darn nice carry pistol though. :p )
You're right, you're right. The screws for the side plate is what I was seeing that was fooling me. This is good news, since I had started bulding this thing before with a revolver. I was dreading having to find a cheap top break pistol. :lol


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this one is rubber if that means anything to anyone :)

I have a hunch a functional one exists and it may be a peice of pooh which would explain why a beat up rubber casting would get such screentime.