River Song's Sonic Screwdriver - looking for a good replica (not QMX)

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by RobI, Mar 24, 2015.

  1. RobI

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    I've been on the hunt for a decent replica of River Song's Sonic Screwdriver. There is no way I could ever have afforded QMX's amazing version, so when it came out I didn't even try. I did some searching here and elsewhere and came up empty aside from the 'toy' Character Online versions for $20. Maybe they are OK, but for $20 I can't see it being of any appreciable quality. Anyone have a suggestion of where to get a decent one?
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    The same company that makes the sonic screwdriver most cosplayers use for 10 and 11 makes the toy you spoke of. Outside of spending considerably more, this is a solid option. What do you want from it that the toy doesn't have?
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  3. kursosawa

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    Anakin Starkiller was working on one, but I haven't heard of any updates on that project in a while. Other than that, I have yet to hear of any company making that particular sonic.
  4. RobI

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    I was actually talking about spending considerably more. I have one of kursoawa's 11th sonic and it is beautiful. Considering getting a Rubbertoe since it is the cat's meow. I'm buying for a display collection, not a convention or fun toy (even though I do play...I mean...carefully test my high end props for functionality), but I appreciate the input.

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    I heard the same so I am keeping my eyes open.
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    There's this guy... ;-)

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    Wow! amazing work

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