river song alpha meson gun

this is my build so far.don't judge to bad .my city's hobby stores don't carry anything of use.so I work with bondo and wood...


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Looking good, I admire people who can work with wood, too many bad memories of school woodworking lessons for me :)
more pics.Iv'e got the barrel in and the rim for the light.made a little peace out of milliput like material that goes under the barrel. just started working with that epoxy clay. fascinating stuff.hope you all enjoy.
Damn that thing looks great. Looks extremely smooth too :)

I still want to buy a Scout and give this a go. It's a great looking gun.
OK guys and gals. haven't had time to do allot.work gets in my way or I would be building stuff all the time.I have put the little lip that goes over the top of the barrel on. planing on getting as much done as possible this weekend.and I just want to take a second and say.Iv'e been roaming around this sight for awhile.and I see talent after talent.you guys and girls ROCK!with artistic wonder.I just wish I had this when I was younger....
The latest shots.does anyone know how the two lines on the barrel shroud join at the top of the gun?in all the screen caps I have I can't really tell.I still have some bits and peaces to do.and I have a bad habit of painting things before there finished.
I'm going to try and get a finishing start on this today.been very afraid of the paint part.painting has always gone wrong for me.but I did a little stencil test for the numbers and I think it matched pretty well.will have some pics as soon as possible.thanks for looking and any comments good are bad are welcome...
OK.well I'm working off of this printout. since the handle of the nerf gun fits it to a tee.iv'e made it to that size.I figured I would just cut the numbers out too and make a stencil.not as easy as I thought it would be.can anybody tell me how to get my photos other than thumb nails please....
Hi Sean,
it's looking great from my end! I've spent a good part of the day working on one for my wife's River costume. If it looks 1/2 that good when I'm finished, I'll be ecstatic!
Plastic's and I don't quite see eye to eye, and I spend more time gluing my fingers than the project!
Cheers, Jeff
Thanks jeff.if you need any help or advice I can give just ask.but not in the paint part of it....LOL
Oh and UFO the show rocks!!!
Thanks Sean! I'm using "found" plastic, and having a bear of a time getting the bends over the top to look right. Between clamps, heat gun and a 4" vice, it seems to be getting there.
Where are you in FL?
Jax.I wanted to do my pistol that way.but I couldn't find styrene sheets in my local hobby shop.so I took small thin wood strips I found there and made the bottom part of that overlapping piece on the barrel and used that as my lower edge.and then I just followed around from that with bondo,
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