Limited Run Risu's Star Lord arm badge


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Here's the run I promised for my cast urethane arm badges. I put a ton of time into accurately replicating this thing based on images and actually looking at it up close on the mannequin.

Instead of aluminum powder, they're cast with iron powder. The result is a really metallic looking badge that can actually be slightly buffed to a shine.

The badges are accurately dimensioned with all the correct shapes and details, and the urethane is totally flexible and incredibly strong. They're also cast in a pressure pot, so there are no bubbles whatsoever. My asking price is $20 each, and I'll be casting however many I can get out of my mold.

1. justanuthercap
2. Jodo
3. Azrael69
4. Nagano
5. mhoepner
6. xfettx
7. Charlie Tighe
8. SantinoCasas
9. Endless Wonder
10. Jack of All Trades
11. ZachAbati
12. Coop
13. hazardjsimpson
14. MrBarlow
15. Spidey83
16. surrealkiller1
17. Zenman
18. MirrorminD
19. zeroKilo
20. ROTSAnakin (x2)
21. Soulinertia
22. NACZ3
23. Icejester
24. capcicle86
25. Danakin
26. ErkNinja
27. hikz
28. AlphaEarth
29. Ein
30. Parksdesign (x2)
31. beardo
32. vecna
33. Saber Concepts
34. Freelance Sculpt (x2)
35. 007TD
36. Kix
37. DTLSchiller
38. agirlcalledbob
39. jlee562
40. TrustTheWriter
41. cholden
42. TheRoman
43. skaidris
44. akidnamedcesar
45. WestBertozzi
46. Penrose
47. dstengler
48. andsuor
49. 80sKIDAutoman
50. PipBernadotte
51. hadokn
52. Alejandroos
53. ravonos (x2)
54. Jackal
55. 2007brandony
56. JPH
57. SenseiMonkeyboy
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Wow, fast response. I'll start casting these up this week and I'll PM everybody individually when your badge is ready. Keep an eye on the thread for updates, I will be editing the first post with another picture on Tuesday.