RIP Yvonne Craig

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by Jango Wes, Aug 19, 2015.

  1. Jango Wes

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  2. robn1

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    Aw man, this one hurts. RIP :(
  3. division 6

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    I had a chance to chat with her at Wondercon 8 or 9 years ago.
    Talked liked about her moving to California and a few other things.

    Very nice woman.
  4. CB2001

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    Very sad day, indeed. :(. R.I.P. Ms. Craig.
  5. Probe Droid

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    Met her at ChillerCon ages ago. Lovely woman.
  6. SciFiMuseum

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    I have met her many times, what a awesome, beautiful, genuinely nice person we have lost. From Batman's Batgirl to the Orion slave girl on Star Trek, so many iconic roles I grew up with and I am very sorry to hear this. Rest in Peace Yvonne Craig, you will be missed.
  7. Apollo

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    Wow another icon gone..... :(
  8. OldKen

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    I had lunch with her once while helping some friends at a local convention.

    She asked me more questions about the town we were in than anything. A very sweet woman.

    When we were wrapping up the show I asked if I could get an autograph and her bags were already at the hotel.

    I told her it was no biggie as meeting her was much more of an honor than having a picture.

    She actually came back to the con center with an already personalized signed pic to me.

    (We also cracked on Julie Newmar a bit) who was a little out there that day... She was sitting by herself writing on the rented linen tablecloths....

    Anyway, that's my random Yvonne Craig story.

    Super sweet lady.

    Thanks for the memorable afternoon.


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  9. EmmaInCandyland

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    Oh noes!!!! :( :(
  10. Wes R

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    Just clicked the link to her obit and it errored saying the bandwith was exceeded, that's something you don't see very often for a celebrity obit and says something about her popularity if people crashed the site.
  11. SofaKing01

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    Oh No... This is very sad. RIP
  12. Moviefreak

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    ME TV is honoring her tonight. Two Batman episodes with her and now an episode of Star Trek featuring her.

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