RIP Ryan Dunn of Jackass

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Thats great to hear. Ryan really was a stand up guy.

Doesn't sound like a very stand-up guy, getting drunk and putting his life, his passenger's life, and the lives of innocents in jeopardy. I hate to see anyone die, but you can't act like this without repercussions.


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Doesn't sound like a very stand-up guy, getting drunk and putting his life, his passenger's life, and the lives of innocents in jeopardy. I hate to see anyone die, but you can't act like this without repercussions.


Actually he was, ive personally known him for over 5 years. As I stated in a previous post that I dont condone his actions but someone can still be a great guy even if they have cloudy judgement. In fact, when I said that, I even quoted the reason why I said that. By you quoting me there its taken out of context.

None-the-less, yes drunk driving or speeding or racing or whatever else happened this morning (which Im sure will come out later today/tomorrow) is no way to go through life.


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Sorry, no respect from me. If he was drinking and going that fast...
Had a few family friends that died thanks to drunk drivers.


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Sad news indeed,

however i think the posting the pictures of the wreck is a little out of taste imho:confused

Thank you for sharing your opinion. I myself have
never seen the aftermath of a Porsche crashing at 110 mph.
I hear he was a great guy and if he had to die I'm
glad it was quick.

Not real happy he took a passenger with him, though.


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Sorry to hear he died. Hopefully he at least didn't suffer.

Sorry for yr losses. Its never easy especially when 9/10 times it can be avoided :(

I think you mean 10/10 times? I cannot think of a time when it'd be okay to drive drunk.
No real sympathy here, he took his own and the life of his passenger. Alcohol and speed do not mix. It was on a public road, so i am just glad no one else was injured. This guy did not live as a saint or even remotely decent life. Selfish end to selfish life.


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Gone but not forgotten.
I offer my condolences to the family and friends both of them leave behind, but no sympathy for the driver. You drink and drive your putting your own life and those of others around you at risk. Stupid way to die. Stupid thing to do.:thumbsdown


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Sad news. He did live a wreckless life, I can't imagine anyone pictured him living to a ripe old age anyhow, he really did live by the saying "live fast, die young"..


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Condolences to his family and the family of the victim.

If posting the photos changes the mind of one person here then it probably saved a life. Celebrities and athletes, like it or not, are role models for kids. The guys from Jackass are funny, creative and stupid. Thats the magic of the show. But it also has a huge influence on kids. Youtube should be renamed 'Amateur Jackass'. I always laughed at the disclaimer at the beginning of the show. Yea, like that's going to stop a couple of bored kids with a camcorder.

*Spoiler Alert* Another one of Lear60mans real life true shocking stories ahead:

I bought a pristine 1999 Porsche 996 coupe back in 2004. Drove it for a year and then sold it to a really nice real estate agent. He and his son picked up the car and it was a cool father and son moment. It was hard to tell who was more excited. Flash forward to 2006ish and I get a notice from a salvage auction company asking me if I wanted to bid on my old car. I call them up and they tell me I dont want to bid as there is nothing that hasn't been distorted, torqued or destroyed. Apparently, the real estate agent gave it to his son to go to college. The kid and a friend, hit a pole at a very high rate of speed. Both died instantly.


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Dunn led a life of excess and vices throughout his life and it's always the most troubling to see decent people being devoured by there addictions. Like Art mentioned earlier you can't absolve him of some the decisions he's made but it's still tragic to see someone's life end because of them.

My sympathies to his friends and family who are grieving his loss.


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"It's better to burn out than to fade away." The Kurgan (Clancy Brown), Highlander.


Thanks for the laughs.


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Is the guy in the center of the Twitter picture the guy from Man vs Food? Adam something or other? Looks kind of like him..

The owner of the Barnaby's place he was at says Ryan didnt look drunk when he left. Its sad, regardless, as its someones friend and family members that have died... though I'm glad it wasnt worse and involved more cars and people.

I dont see the point in calling him names and trashing his reputation when you didnt personally know him. He had a kind heart says those closest to him. Just because he was an idiot here and there doesnt change that.

wuher da brewer

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Sorry to hear. He just started hosting a new show on G4 last Tuesday. It's been pulled from the schedule as a result.
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