RIP Robert Hegyes (Epstein).

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by cboath, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. cboath

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  2. JasonCash

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    that sux....he was great on Welcome Back Kotter
  3. GeorgeC

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    I grew up watching Welcome Back, Carter in reruns in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

    Funny what's happened with the cast since then.

    Really, Travolta and the Gabe's wife on the show (forget her real name -- Marcia Strassman?) have been the only cast members that have had lasting careers in front of the camera.

    Still stings when you see people you recognize pass away at early ages...
  4. Apollo

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    No more notes from Epsteins mother......:(
  5. Jet Beetle

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    Freddy Boom Boom Washington has maintained a career - just lower key parts. He played Joe Jackson in The Jacksons - and American Dream and various other "Lifetime" type films. Horshack was killed by Jason in one of the Friday the 13ths
  6. SSgt Burton

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    He was only 60? :(

    RIP Epstein.

  7. Solo4114

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    Wow...way too young to go, man. I remember back in the mid 90s when MTV did this Pulp Fiction thing with him and Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs that was pretty * funny.

    Shame for him to go so young.
  8. The Wolf

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    I thought he was great on "Welcome Back, Kotter" and had expected better things for him.
    He is shockingly young to be dead.

  9. terryr

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    The Undertaker is saying 'up your nose with a rubber hose'.

    I'll leave now.
  10. micdavis

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    I hope he has a note for the Pearly Gates.

    "Dear St. Peter........signed Epstein's Mother."

    Thanks for the laughs.


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