RIP mike wallace

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by Wes R, Apr 9, 2012.

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    We're losing so many of the old school journalists. Died over the weekend at the age of 93. He was still winning awards at the age of 89 before he retired due to his health. 60 Minutes is going to be out of original hosts pretty soon. The fact that he managed to stay ahead of the game while 24 hour "news" took over says something about his talents.
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    When I was in the Service the first thing we would discuss on Monday was whether Mike beat up on anybody the previous night.

    One ferocious Journalist the likes of which we will not see again.

    At least we have his son carrying on the baton
  3. Wes R

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    All those journalists are what the ones these days should strive to be but they're all just talking heads with armies of people looking up the facts for them this time. The combat journalists are the only ones carrying the torches and even they are a dying breed it seems.
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    When I was teaching a new hire orientation, I included a section on e-mail and etiqutte. I would warn people to use a rule of three before they sent the email:

    Would you like your mother to see this email?
    Would you like the federal agency that regulates us to see this email?
    Would you like to see Mike Wallace coming up your sidewalk holding a copy of this email?

    If you could answer yes to all three, send the email.

    Good-bye, Mike. You will be missed.


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