RIP-Louie Anderson


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Not to jinx anything, but on the recent DisneyPlus mini-doc about Boba Fett, I was taken aback at how old George Lucas looked and sounded.

I noticed that too. He sounded hoarse-voiced.

I don't think he looks bad for being later 70s. But he's still got that really thick low hairline. It's rare for a caucasian guy his age. It kinda makes his older face stand out against it.

George also cleaned up his lifestyle and lost a lot of weight later in life. Sometimes that leaves your face looking a bit 'deflated'. Bill Clinton has slimmed down a lot since his presidency and his face shows it.


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I loved his cartoon. One of the few "celeb-based" anything I truly enjoyed. I'm almost as surprised about his having cancer as much as Norm's. I didn't hear he was sick until today. Although the show stunk after a season and a half, he was surprisingly great in Baskets, too. A lot of the "bridge" generation is gonna be going in the next few years, I think. These guys are the last connection to the great old-timers. Louie got his start with Rodney Dangerfield doing shows at his club before breaking big.

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