RIP Chrissy Amphlett

Jet Beetle

Sr Member
Gone but not forgotten.
Wow. She was so young but that's the way that ******* cancer is - "Touch Myself" was the song every guy wanted his girl to dedicate to him.

RIP Chrissy


Sr Member
How unfortunate. I'm always saddened to read about creative and positive people who are stuck down by cruel illness while others stumble into remission with barely a grateful nod. Personally I have two family members who survived devastating diseases and are as petty and small minded as they were before the illness. Life is a crapshoot..

Force Commander

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This has occupied my thoughts all day. It made it easy to decide what music to listen to while mowing the lawn. Not a single bad song in all of the Divinyls catalog.


Master Member
My feelings exactly. It's not often a celebrity's death really affects me much but this is one of the exceptions. Sigh. Life, you are a bitch.
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