RIP Cheetah the Chimp


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Ah beat me to it! Yeah, 80 years old. Impressive or what? Had no idea he was still kicking. And flinging poo with range and accuracy, too.


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Just heard the news as well. When I was a kid in the early 80's we went to a "Chimp Farm" in Tarpon Springs, FL not far from where I live now. There I got to see Cheetah & touch his hand. He looked pretty old then, so I was surprised to find out he just passed.


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These refer to the supposed "Cheeta" in California, who was admitted not to be the one. The one in FL has been generally accepted as the real deal.

As to the life expectancy, animals in what we call a "managed care environment" (coz PETA and the other... ah, enthusiastic groups hate "captivity") do live longer than in the wild. Sometimes doubling their lifespans. When you don't have to devote just about every waking moment to survival, no stress over predators, have all the good food you can stand and decent vet care, it does help.
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