RIP Bill Keane of Family Circus fame


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Artist and creator of Family Circus, Bill Keane has passed. He was a talented writer and artist, and father of famed Disney animator Glen Keane. He will be missed :(
They need to make the last comic one with the pallbearers carrying the casket all over the panel, through the neighborhood, over and around everything, before they get it to the cemetery.
Yeah, I thought the guy passed away years ago and the strip was done by his son. He always did the "Dad's away so six year old Timmy drew the strip today" and the resulting cartoon looked authentically crude as if drawn by a child. Of course it wasn't.

BTW, the best DRAWN strip today, in my opinion, is ZITS. Those guys put the work in. The design of their panels and the jokes are terrific.
Yes, the real "Jeffy" has been doing the strip for a few years, although there is not a little reuse/adaptation of old art.

...And I only read it ironically, via The Comics Curmudgeon,
I would love to see his son Glen take over.... But I know he is busy animating. He is still one of the best artists I have ever seen. His animation of Aladin, the Little Mermaid and the Beast will always be legendary. He would probably draw the comic "too well" anyway :lol

Those not familiar with Glen's work can view it here:
wait, he's not animating anymore?

He animates in 2-D as concepts and inspiration for the 3-D stuff. He started directing Rapunzel but in 2008 he stepped away from the project and one of my old College friends stepped in to direct it, and it changed into Tangeled. Glen doesn't get to do much 2-D animating anymore :( but he does some 3-D stuff, although it doesn't have that magic touch that his hand drawn stuff possessed. It looks like anyone else's 3-D work. His drawing skill made his previous animation shine.
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