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  1. jcoffman99

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  2. Apollo

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    Oh no! :(

    Was lucky enough to see the Legend many times over 30 years
  3. Noeland

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    One of my absolute favorites. He gave us lots of amazing music!
  4. wolfwalker

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    There's a blues club in heaven that just got a little brighter...
    RIP B.B. will be missed.
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  5. 0neiros

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    He also lived with Diabetes for Decades, and is an inspiration to those of us who have to deal with it. Tonight his guitar gently weeps.
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  6. PHArchivist

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    On the eve of the SoCal (south OC) Doheney Blues Fest... Sad, and poignant timing.
  7. George

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    Rest his soul.His music will live on
  8. cayman shen

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    Sad news. I'm just working my way through a "how to play blues guitar" book/CD and of course, his name comes up often. He was definitely one of the keepers of the flame in a musical world whose tastes have moved on (and not often for the better).
  9. Feraud

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    The music world has lost a legend. Sad news.
  10. CB2001

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    It's sad he's gone. But then again, the blues often dealt with loss. So, I guess we all know what the blues feel like.
  11. Michael Bergeron

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    Just heard this now. RIP to a music legend.

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