RIP Angela Lansbury at 96


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Oh wow, didn't remember that she was that old. Good run there for life. RIP
I remember in Summer....1991 I believe, family went to Universal Studios FL and they had the Murder, She wrote mystery theater. They briefly showed behind the scenes to making a show like that.
They picked audience members for different parts. Had a guy and girl reading some dialog, probably for some ADR type stuff. Guy starts saying something and the host was like, ummm sir, thats the line for the woman.
Funny the things we remember like 30+ years later.


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She really was an incredible actress and her voice/stage presence were magnetic. Her performances in The Picture of Dorian Gray and The Manchurian Candidate were amazing.



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I remember going to Universal Studios in the 90’s as well. They showed us the outside set for Cabbot Cove, (store fronts, post office, etc.) where the outdoor shots were always taken. It was closed off to the public at the time as they were filming pick up shots that day.
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