Ring of Erreth Akbe WIP


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I have only just started on this project. There are only a few lines here and there in the Earthsea books which describe this ring so I dont have much to work from. If you know of any artist renderings that I may have missed clue me in. The only two I am aware of are the one in Tombs of Atuan and on the cover of the audio book for same.

As the story goes it is a small arm ring meant for a woman or child, not a ring at all. It is also described as "a rough bit of metal" and "not precious looking". It is supposed to be incredibly old. In keeping with that idea I tried to make it very ancient and rough or worn looking but I think I may have over done it... Let me know what you think.

This is only a very rough first draft/cast. The inner runes and the wave design for the outside is something that will have to be carved in much later on, once I am more sure of how I want this thing to look. I modeled this first try with Chavant clay and then cast it in pewter. All input and suggestions welcomed. :)
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Damn. Missed this. Are you going to put the pics back up at some point? Would like to see...
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