Ridley Scott signed for new BLADE RUNNER movie


No dout it will...............!!! Meh! Who cares it'll happen and we'll all love or hate it, argue about it, speculate about it based on zero info. It will be damned and written off before it starts......

Which prequel is this again, I've lost track..... Seriously...Meh! Lets all just get over it now and watch it when it comes out in 2017 after the Remake of the prequel to the original remake of Back to the future 4, due out in 2014.
I think what concerns me most is the reality that this is going to be 'top loaded'
from the start.
a) ridley has said he will only shoot 3D from now on. So this will be Blade Runner 3D.
b) the sheer scale of it will dictate that the above the line sticker price for this is
going to be north of $80m before you even add production costs. Which means it
will have to be as 'Four Quadrant' as possible. PG13, some familiar A/B list faces.

Unless..Ridley tries to shoot it for £30m and be inventive again.
Give us atmosphere and story density.

Personally I think the real story mileage is in Deckard and Rachel's story. Not the
Blade Runner 'universe'. That stuff has been mined to death from pop promo's
to movies of the week. But their story has some real unresolved conflict.

Don't get me wrong, every cell in my body is wishing this movie to deliver. But I did
that for "Terminator Salvation" and "The Phantom Menace"
Blade Runner: The Rise of the Replilcants

Harrison Ford and Sean Young would never get in the same room together so I doubt it will be about Deckard and Rachel.
At least its not Aliens vs Blade Runner...

Id say no, but if he manages to keep it TRUE to the style of the original design and with the same depht it might be good, but lets face it: getting all the element right like in the original is pretty much impossible IMO.

Dont turn


And please God please focus on the characters and themes!!!
Actually it's Harrison and Ridley who would never be in the same room together.

As for the movie meh :unsure

Harrison Ford and Sean Young would never get in the same room together so I doubt it will be about Deckard and Rachel.
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