Rick Sternbachs' new warship for Wild House Models

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    This kit will be a new military deepspace vessel at 1:1400 scale. The plan is to have a finished kit of around 300mm in length based on his design sketches below.

    The things that look like cannons are actually EM railguns; the shapes are currently drawn as placeholders and further detail drawings will be done to refine these components. Rick sees the ribbed inset areas as Plasma Beam weapons. Most of the ship’s equipment should be pretty explanatory as drawn here. There are lots of smooth areas for hull markings and the faceted Bridge area is semi-inspired by recent stealth naval vessel designs.

    The little hexagons are Escape pod hatches. There are a series are vertical hanger-type doors just under the main body; those come in a few different sizes for different craft. There are a few large bay doors on the underside in the aft center; which could accommodate a few large shuttles, fighter/bomber craft, etc. The circles on the upper and lower wingtips are RCS thruster nozzles.

    The ribbed tailcones on the four engines would actually sink deeper inside the base cones with the vents; and it is envisaged that the engine nozzle interiors will be lit. The little tiny dark triangles are hull stress sensors, shield emitters, or both. Rick estimates that each basic deck would be 4 meters tall but some spaces would be shorter, like maintenance areas, and others would be taller – the overall vessel pretty much fits the 420m length we wanted.


    Exclusive review of the designs from Rick Sternbach in this video from Wild House Models. Rick shares his vision of a Terran warship of the armada, the armaments and technology as part of the Hostile Realms universe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EweFb5zaqv4

    More pics below of Ricks' initial sketches and his formboard & card mock-up model ...




    For those interested in seeing the next and final stage of the Orthographic views, here she is. Rick has added his personal notes on the functions and tech of the ship as you can see. Next up, Rick will be creating the final elevation views so we can start the 3D Modelling and CAD work to get the ship printed and built!

    ORTHO%u00252B3%u00252B-%u00252BFINAL.jpg ORTHO%u00252BBOTTOM%u00252BFINAL%u00252B1.jpg


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    That thing just screams Star Trek.
    He needs to change his style for non ST vehicles.

    Funny that the thruster cone things look just like parts used on aquarium water pumps.
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    I disagree. I think it would be comfortable in a Star Trek episode, provided you lost the railguns and the big aft engine thrusters, I think it would be equally at home in an episode of Macross or Starblazers

    I rather like the design.

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    Rick had a specific commission from Wild House on the style and timeline but was given free reign around the design and inspiration. Rick has blended our needs with his 'style' and if it matches some of his other ships, that is because Rick has a way of creating ships that follows his own sense of design. Rick worked heavily on Star Trek so its obvious there are some influences here but he has tried to also take into account the brief too.

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