Rick Deckard's shirts (NOT the ones you're thinking of!)

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So I've been looking up Blade Runner screencaps, costume pics from auctions and personal collections, etc...trying to find all of the reference material that I possibly can for my Deckard costume this Halloween. There are two very well-photographed Deckard shirts: the black one with the pink-and-blue oval pattern and pink stitching, and the blue-and-red one with the patterned strips across the chest. In the course of my searching, I've come across two more shirts that I've never seen anyone mention here on the RPF, and I'm curious if any of you collectors have seen more detailed shots than what I've got currently.

First one, I'll call the Triangle shirt. Deckard wears it throughout the climactic showdown with Pris and Roy Batty (although it may appear elsewhere in the film, and I just haven't spotted it). It appears to have a repeating pattern of small triangles, alternating light and dark--possibly black and silver, although it's hard to tell with the color casts in the footage. It could also possibly be a Spaceship Earth-style pattern of pyramids.

12417640_945743055507970_4938982837811334232_n.jpgoh16c74547ea87a653458bf8972775256aoe57d3cc87.jpg 3445596344_1cf90bc01b.jpg Blade_Runner-Daryl_Hannah-Harrison_Ford-02.jpeg
bladerunnerdenis.jpg BR-dekjak-bw.jpg un-film-de-ridley-scott.jpg

Second one, I'll call the Stripe shirt. It's gray with kind of purple-ish cast, and appears to have thick stripes in dark brown or burgundy, with some sort of ornate pattern in each stripe. This one, the only clear shot I could find came from some sort of auction or display--it's accompanied by pants that perfectly match the orange herringbone blazer, as well as a new tie design that I haven't seen mentioned anywhere. I stumbled across a screencap that might be showing this shirt, but it doesn't really illuminate any details. (I've included another shot from the same photo shoot, showing the more famous shirt/tie combo, which lends a good provenance to this mystery shirt)

c78cbd3eeba2c85ba3d00fe7d59e5e8e--rick-deckard-harrison-ford.jpg d30a1a4c64045a567075887b753102f4.jpg tumblr_nkesiu1wwa1thr7ppo1_500.jpg

Has anyone found any higher-resolution detail photos of either of these shirts? Or at least, do any screencaps exist that show their patterns more clearly? The other two Deckard shirts are SO highly exposed in this community, I'm shocked that I haven't seen any discussion of these two!

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That's funny because I've been thinking something similar for a while now, too. Especially the second shirt you mention. It's only ever seen in the opening act of film when we're introduced to Deckard and when he gets his assignment. I'm surprised to see it's actually the color that it is, I thought it was a blue-gray the whole time.


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OK, small update! I'm not sure why it didn't show up in the reverse Google Image search, but I've learned that the Stripe shirt was part of "Hollywood Auction 36" from Profiles in History, selling on May 1, 2009. This 3rd party site has the most information that I can find about this particular listing, and it includes a few angles that we haven't seen before, but unfortunately the photos are still not high-res enough to really show the pattern.

6321575_2_l.jpg 6321575_3_l.jpg 6321575_1_l.jpg

I've contacted PiH to see if they can provide a PDF of the original auction catalog--perhaps that will be more helpful. If worst comes to worst, I can buy a physical copy of the auction catalog for ~$20 on AbeBooks.
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Couple of mini updates as I continue to tool around looking for reference material...

Found a site called the Kipple Zone that had some good detail shots of this shirt (plus the "Voight-Kampff Tie"):
bladebw3_TIE.jpg Colour_TIE.jpg tumblr_lr3sygolr21qdkmano1_1280_TIE.jpg tumblr_m0jw3vE9ml1r6jggao1_500_TIE.jpg tumblr_m3vhbejiy81qdkmano2_1280_TIE.jpg

Additionally, someone on PropSummit suggested that it might be made from the same material as Gaff's patterned vest:
69393a8b5d1814c5561a67d9435cc530.jpg u12MgoKKPPal.jpg

More evidence that this shirt was at the PiH auction, but sadly it doesn't really show any detail that we haven't already seen. It does give a better look at the mystery tie, though!

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Indy Magnoli

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The tricky part of this shirt is that the collar and top of the pockets is made with what looks like the reverse side of the fabric. So, to do this really accurately, you'd either have to print the fabric in the exact same way as the original (which would take forever to trial-and-error) or print up a another lot of cloth to simulate the back side of the fabric to be used on the collar and pockets. In the very least, we could make one of these to order using a print-on-demand service for $260, the way we do our Joker Heist shirt.


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You may have this already, but this picture I found seems to be the striped shirt. It's not great quality, but maybe for reference:

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Don't know if anybody is still posting to this but just to chime in, if I had to get a Rick Deckard Shirt, I'm trying to decide between the pink and blue oval shirt or the "triangle" shirt he wears at the end as I love that shirt and nobody talks about it. The grey and purple floral stripe shirt (which only appears on screen for like 8 minutes) and the pink and sea green one with the patterned strips across the chest are just too gaudy for my taste.

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