Rick Baker Greystoke sculpture

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(RPF admin- sorry I posted this in the makeup section, but maybe that was the wrong section since this is an actual production piece from the film, not a replica. You can delete the other thread if necessary):

My brother worked for makeup artist Rick Baker for many years (American Werewolf in London, Michael Jacksons's Thriller, etc). This came from the collection of my brother and Elaine Baker (Rick's ex-wife, TRIVIA- she also played the original emperor in The Empire Strikes Back). This was sculpted, cast and painted by Rick Baker (it's a hard plastic type material painted to look like bronze, and fairly heavy). My brother and Elaine recently moved out of California and asked me to sell a few items for them, this being one of them. But I thought I'd post this here before it's gone. It's life sized concept maquette type sculpture of "Kala", Tarzan's mother from the 1984 film Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan. The last photo shows the size of the sculpture.

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