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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by TARDIScontrol, Jul 22, 2015.

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    Hi there everyone! I'm Noah (TARDIScontrol). This is the first prop replica I've ever made and I'm pretty excited about it. In honor of Rick and Morty's second season, and because I'm going as Rick to the Salt Lake Comic Con, I decided to make Earth Rick C-137's Portal Gun.

    First, I took just some old styrofoam from a printer box and cut it down to the right proportions. I cut a piece out of the back to connect the handle, then took some epoxy my dad had in the garage and stuck the two together. After letting it dry, I took a fine grit piece of sand paper and sanded down the blocks to get rid of bumps and to also shape them up. Now I have to coat it. Anyone have some ideas on a coating that won't melt the styrofoam, but will allow me to sand it smooth and paint it?

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    Can't say much on coating, but will be checking back! Love me some Rick and Morty.
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    one way that could work is coating it in a few layers of pva glue then polyurethane resin over that. That should stop anything melting and give you a hard shell. James at Xrobots did a video on this. I've used this with foam and had good results.

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