Rey's Dark Saber Lightsaber Dimensions


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I've searched online and on these forums and can't find an answer to this question so I'm posting hoping someone will have the answers I seek.
Does anyone have the dimensions to the hinged, double Saber that is in the one second clip of The Rise of Skywalker? I know there is a company that is making them, a static prop for 1600 bucks. Thats not going to happen in my world. But I'd like to make one just the same. But so far I've not found any information on the dimensions.
One guy made a 3d print but didn't post any dimensions, and those were just taken from a pic anyway. I can guess too if I have to, but was hoping for something a bit more concrete.
Any clues that will lead me to the dimensions I'm looking for would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

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