Review: Sankara Stons (Indiana Joners) by MIMIC and Restaurajones


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As a huge fan of all props in the Indiana Jones franchise, and two sets of Sankara Stones being offered by two RPF members recently, I thought it would be nice to do a side by side comparison. So this is a small review of the Sankara Stones offered by MIMIC, and the Stones offered by Restaurajones (which are basically the same stones as the set with the base that Restaurajones offered quite a while ago, but this time with a battery, so they don't have to be in a base to light up.).

Let me start by sying I just love both sets! They are quite different, but both have their strengths and I can't give a recommondation here for someone who only wants one set. It all depends on personal taste, I guess. So here we go (click the pictures to get a bigger version):

1. The stones themselves:

This is MIMIC's set:

This is Restaura's set:

A side by side picture:

As you can see, the general appearance is quite the same, but the structure inside the stones is quite different. In Restaura's stones, there are more cracks and reflecting fragments inside, giving the stones a more "jewel-look". MIMIC's version also has "something going on" inside the stones, but not as much as in Restaura's stones.

To other small differences: 1. Restaura's stones are a little bit heigher, and the lines on Restaura's stones are a bit thinner.

2. The lightup function

Here comes the real difference with these sets.

Again MIMIC's set, but light up this time:

Restaura's set:

Side by side comparison:

Quite some big differences here, as you can see in the pictures. Let me list them all:

1. MIMIC's set comes with a remote control, wich is VERY handy to lit the stones. Restaura's stones all have a push button on the bottom to light them.
2. MIMIC's stones have a remote candle light inside them, but this is not fixed. The stones slip over them. So when picking up the stones, you also have to pick up the candle inside. You might choose to fix the candle inside the stone with some putty or glue, but there's no real reason to do this, unless you want to carry the stones. The lightin mechanism inside Restaura's stones is mounted inside the stones, so you can easily pick up a lighted stone.
3. MIMIC's stones have two lighting patterns: fixed and flickering like a candle. Restaurajones lighting is much more advanced, thouhg. When you push the button, the stones slowely light up. After that, pushing the button cycles through 3 other lighting patterns, and a 5th push, makes the stones slowly fade out. These effects are great!
4. Another difference is the breaking of the light: due to more structure in Restaurajones set, the light get's more "broken" inside the stone, wich gives a completely other effect. I think this effect is more screen accurate when you see the stones light up in the movie.
5. Last difference is the color of the light. Restaurajones stones light up with an almost greenish color. MIMIC's stones have a warm orange color when lighted up. On the other hand, the lighting of Restaura's stones is much brighter than in MIMIC's set. Color-wise, I think MIMIC's set comes closer to what's seen in the movie:


3. Conclusion

So this is my very brief review of both sets. Let me list what I think are pro's and cons for bot sets:

+ Remote control
+ Warm orange color when lighted up
- Less "structure" inside the stone (I personally like more structure, but that's just taste. I can imagine some people do not like it)
- Candle's not fixed inside the stone (but could be done yourself) and only two light patterns

In fact the opposite of the above:
+ Nice pattern inside the stones
+ Lighting fixed in the stones + great lighting patterns / programs
- No remote control
- Color of the lighting is a bit too "greenish" to my taste.

But let me conclude that the minor cons I listed, are just minor nitpicks. Both sets are great, and I'll keep them both. I might sell off the older Restaurajones set I have with the skull base, since I like "stand-alone" stones better. If you are looking for a set of Sankara stones, these two sets should be on the top of your list to consider. Which one you choose, really depends on your personal taste about 1. the "cracked" internal look of the stones and 2. the lighting. Choose wisely! (Oh, sorry, wrong Indy movie ;-) ).
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Forgot to mention one last difference: pricing! :$

I paid about €260 for MIMIC's set (shipping from the UK to Belgium included), and €405 for Restaurajones set (shipping from Spain to Belgium included). So if you want a great set for the lowest price, you should go for MIMIC's set. If price is not so much an issue, but you want to have the best choice: you're on your own, since it all depends on taste...

Don't know if MIMIC will be offering sets in the future. Restaurajones has a waiting list at this moment. The sales threads of both sets are here:

You can also find some video's of the lighting effects in these threads!


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This is Awesome and thank you Tom for giving your honest opinions in this review on the sets. They are both definitely beautiful reproductions of an iconic prop and without the support of members here we wouldn't have been as able to produce them. The videos and comments from happy customers is so rewarding to hear and I think threads like this are great as it what makes the RPF the community it is.

Thanks again Tom you're a true fan!


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Thanks for the review, TOm.. in my case, I have always searched to reproduce the aspect of the material and the shape of the prop in the film in each reproduction. the light effects are four, and the fade effect when is off ,programmed with customized new circuits and programmed from zero and using 4 white leds to make it possible (that is the reason the greenish tone inside :D). More info in my thread. A point very important in the skull version with basei is that with it the stones acts in the same way as in the movie when one of the stones is removed.

Mimic Stones looks very good . I´m sure either of the two options will be good for the fans ;)


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A point very important in the skull version with basei is that with it the stones acts in the same way as in the movie when one of the stones is removed.
That's indeed a nice feature of the base: that the stones only light up when all three are there, and when you take one away the lights fade, en they go on again when you put it back...