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Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by 3d-builder, Apr 14, 2012.

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    It's very nice like the Tie I reviewed earlier. Only a couple things I didnt
    like they didnt put the cooling fins on the laser cannons or the heat sinks
    in the engines. I paid $15.99 at my hobby shop i want to pick up a few
    to do a trench run dio. Click on the link to start the video.

    I think Revell is under the Radar a bit.......they are making
    some pretty descent stuff i would definitely recommend this
    this kit for advanced builder looking to do more to it...or a first
    time build for a beginning modeler!

    Revell X-wing Diorama :: 006.mp4 video by 3dimensionalmanagement - Photobucket

    Revell X-wing Diorama :: 007.mp4 video by 3dimensionalmanagement - Photobucket

    Revell X-wing Diorama :: 008.mp4 video by 3dimensionalmanagement - Photobucket
  2. jedimaster

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    Either you were trying to talk quietly of you have a really sexy voice dude. Nice vids...
  3. 3d-builder

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    No .......LOL everyone says a have a radio voice.....I don't hear it though!:lol
  4. robn1

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    You sound like a golf announcer in these vids. Or HAL :lol

    Thanks for the review. I think I'll pass on this one, not nearly as nice as the TIE. But much better than the Revell promo pics would have you believe, they don't do their own kits justice.
  5. 3d-builder

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    Your right they just kind of slap the model
    on the front of the box in regards to the art......jeez!:behave
    You only need one painted up decently .....I am sure they must
    have someone who could do a better job than what's seen on
    their box cover. It would actually look better if they just primed
    it and shot it like that! :lol:thumbsup
  6. blakeh1

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    Judging the contents based soley on the box art really is a big drawback I think for the Revell kits. Every kit I have picked has seriously been underwhelming box art. I think they should go the fine molds or old AMT/MPC route and put an illustration or shot from the movie on the cover, not the model.

    I don't have the regular X-Wing, but the pocket X wing kit is a very ncie kit.

    For anyone in the US, or at least in PA, you can get most of the Revell stuff at Michael's Aarts and Craft stores using their 40% off coupon from the weekly paper (or print one off from Michael's website). That's how I got the Republic Gunship, Y-Wing and Arc-170. My local one still has the X-wing and both Jedi Starfighters. I am hoping they get in the tie and landspeeder at some point

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