Revell vs Fine Molds Y Wings

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    Top view ( Fine molds on the left, Revell on the right)

    Side view ( Revell in front, Fine Molds in the back)

    yes I know, I didn't putty the seams on the revell model. At some point I
    am going to revisit it and replace/add scratch detail and repaint it. I only
    weathered it with pastels and gave it a quick wash

    The Fine Molds is not finished yet either. it close, but I still have some
    painting/weathering to do on it as well

    As far as the models, it looks like Revell's engine rods may be more the
    correct length. The Fine Molds ones seem a bit long

    Also the "neck" of the Revell model is thinner and may be closer to the
    studio model proportions

    Of course the Fine Molds model by far excels in surface detail and just looks
    much more model like and less toy like because of that

    Also the Revell one has an "x" pattern inscribed on the "egg shell" part of
    the engines. Not sure what source that came from or if they just added it
    on their own

    With some work though I think the Revell one can become quite a good model however

    Here are the studio models for comparison
    Gold 5 (or is it 2?) studio model ( this looks the most like the one Revell probably based
    their kit on. The stock kit has the copper piping pre-painted, and as the
    same droid unit. It's proportions also seem to match up pretty well

    Gold Leader studio model

    I thought the droid in the Revell Y wing stuck out way too much...

    but then I saw these pictures

    and some more studio pictures for reference...
    BRUCE'S DOMAIN: Studio Model Reference - The Y-Wing Fighter
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  2. 3d-builder

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    I looked at the box art on the Revell Y-Wing and it seriously
    kept me from buying it, a friend of mine picked one up and
    was surprised. I picked one up later and was surprised also
    not a bad little kit.....not perfect but for the price a decent
    representation! They should have let you do the box art I
    would have picked one up sooner!:lol Anyway that looks
    really good excellent job!
  3. neosporing

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    i remember being so excited when i saw this kit on the shelf and purchasing this kit as a child only to end up being so disappointed with it. I never bothered to paint it. But your impressive paint job really sells this kit and makes me think i was too hasty with my judgement.

    bravo excellent work.
  4. Ray22

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    Wow when you look at the studio scale model and the Revell the neck and body proportions are close and the Fine molds is really and to thick off and I thought it would be more accurate.
  5. redirk2

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    There was an older kit that was not very good (i Have it and the newer kit). You were right on passing it up then. This newer kit is not bad at all. I do have the FM version also and as stated above you cant beat the surface detail, but the Revell is a very nice kit for the price.
  6. blakeh1

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    Yeah, I think he is talking about the old MPC snap kit. The Revell kit is definitely much better than that one
  7. JMChladek

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    Even the MPC kit can be turned into something nice with a little bit of work. I've built two of them and I mainly just added some greeblies to them in spots (solid rod and styrene chips), made new front guns, rebuilt the top turret (replacing the gun barrels with two battleship barrels from a Lindberg Pearl Harbor diorama display) and put down a first class paintjob with new decals and ended up with something I really liked.

    BTW, the "X" pattern Revell put on the front of their Y-Wing's pods I think came from the MPC kit. The MPC Y-Wing had a light raised X pattern on the fronts of the engines. So some wag at Revell apparently decided to scribe them in deep instead. The cockpit also looks very much MPC based as well.
  8. blakeh1

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    Like the MPC kit (unless I am mistaken ), the center part of the cockpit canopy can be opened up since it is on a hinge
  9. astroboy

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    Looking at the pics above, it seems that the R2 unit sits lower than an R4 unit in the Y-wing. Which means that the fine molds y-wing has a properly seated R2
  10. JMChladek

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    Correct. The MPC kit's pilot figure was not good as it featured a small copy of the X-Wing's biker pilot figure molded half into the seat. On the one where I replaced the cockpit, I used a modified 1/96 figure from a Revell Apollo CSM kit in its place.

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