Revell Venator project


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Hi everyone

this is my first submission to the RPC - I've been a long time watcher but had to wait until I had something to show you

This is my Revell Venator that has taken me 15 months to build. There are about 46 LED's inside and I used about 20 feet of Fiber Optic cable

There are issues with it - the LEDs in the main windows are to bright and the wrong color. Unfortunately, they were only picked up after the superstructure and hulls were joined. However, they are mistakes I can lilve with.

There are about 525 photos in my Photobucket account if you want to see the progress from start to finish Venator Star Destroyer build 2010/

Thanks for looking and I hope to see you again soon with something else
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Robert McLain

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Unbelievable. Seriously one of the best paintjobs I've ever seen on a kit that size. Your use of washes it spot on! Thanks for posting this!

Robert :)


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thanks very much everyone - glad you like it. Its my first attempt at super detailing, so lots of lessons learned!


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Very nice. You should install some lenses for the engines so they don't have the 'flashlight effects'. Thats what i do on all my builds.

Get some poly tubes and shape them. It eliminates the light on the side.


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Most excellent finish to a lengthy build.

As I have said numerous times to you mate, I hope my build ends up looking even half as good as yours !!

Taking a break now or, are you starting another build ?

Cheers mate,


Wes R

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Very nice. I've always been jealous of people who have the patience to light kits and it really paid off for you.


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thanks fellas - your feedback is greatly appreciated

Ronan, when you mention Polytubes - what exactly do you mean by those? Are you referring to the normal styrene tubes or is it something else altogether? I'm interested to know what you mean as I may well follow your advice (if practical)

Thanks again guys

See you soon