Revell Venator kits?


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What are the differences between the Revell Republic Star Destroyers?

I've seen a few other kit numbers, but the two most common online are these two:

Kit 85-6445 - no scale listed but I see references to either 1/2256 or 1/2274
Kit 06053 - 1/2700 scale (Euro only?)

Same kit? Same size? One better than the other?


All the same kit. Just reboxes.
And the only reason it's suddenly listed as 1/2700 scale is because some monkeys at Revell's marketing department thought it would be a great idea to pretend the kit is the same scale as the Zvezda/Revell ISD...


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Revell did release two variations of it. One was a pre-painted snap kit, the other, is the exact same parts, tooling, size etc... the only difference being that it is a traditional glue kit and no pre-paint with waterslide transfers for the markings.

I forget which came first, but I believe it started as a glue kit, then was changed to a snap kit, the only modification being to replace the connectors with snap fit ones.