Revell TIE Fighter - Studio Model Replica

crowe t

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Here is a project I've been planning for a while, a Revell Tie Fighter.

The Revell Tie Fighter is a pretty decent kit. The overall shape is quite accurate, just some of the details need to be re-worked.

For this build I'm attempting to build a replica of the studio model and not a 'real' Tie Fighter so I removed the cockpit 'glass'.

I started by filling in the panel lines on the cockpit 'ball' section and re-scribed new ones. The kit's panel lines are a bit out of scale and not 100% accurate to the studio models. I also scribed a couple of the lines uneven as they appear on the studio models.

I added some details to the hatch and shortened the 2 outer windows. There are still a few details to add to finish it.

The details on the kit's cockpit front wall were removed and it was re-shaped. I started scratch building a cockpit that matches the studio models.

I made an armature from styrene tubing and 1 mm sheet styrene. It's not a real armature but hopefully will look the part when it's installed.

Today I worked on adding the raised ribs to the edge of one of the wings. I used .75 x .75 mm strips for the outer edges and .75 x 1 mm strips for the center rib.

I'm planning on installing LED's to light the 2 rear engines and possibly an LED to light the interior.

I'll post some more updates as work progresses.


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Looks great Mike! These Revell kits are cheap and fun to modify and make into something really good. I love your mods so far.


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Hey I like what you are doing, where are you getting all the information on the studio model and the differences from the kit you have to begin with? Very interesting and I'm looking forward to seeing it develop especially the lighting.


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Those nice crisp details you are adding really make a difference. I like what you did to the edge of the wings and the faux armature is a great idea.

crowe t

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Thanks Randy13! I extended the wingstars out to the edge of the new raised details and started on the other wing. I'll post some more pictures in the next few days.


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This is great Mike !

You told me you're going for the ANH look and that you extended the wings, however the original parts looked like ANH now they look ESB/ROJ

crowe t

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Unfortunately there was a trade-off adding the raised ribs on the edge of the wings. Yes, the original kit part was spot on in size but without the raised ribs it didn't look at all like the studio models. In fact the Fine Molds 1/48 TIE Fighter's H-Beam looks slightly wider than the studio model.

I'm going to continue adding the ribs to the other wing and still feel it looks more like the ANH TIE Fighter with the ribs than without them. It looked too toy-like out of box without the ribs.
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