Revell Star Wars Build-&-Play 5 dollars


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Hey guys,
Sorry to start a new thread for this, but thought there may be some interest.

I just left my local Walmart and all their SW Build/Play models were marked down to 5 dollars. I know these are not close to the level models that you guys build, but at that price I thought some of u might be interested for diorama fodder.

I grabbed a Falcon to practice painting on, and a second to apply an alternate paint job.


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Jimmer, thanks for the tip. What region of the country are you in? And was this in the Clearance aisle or in the toy section (an endcap perhaps?)

R/ Robert


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Hey, Robert.
I could have provided a little useful

I'm located in East TN, and the models were still in the Star Wars aisle in Toy dept. My Walmart had about 20 of these left (assortment of both x-wings, Falcon and TIE) which I'm sure had some influence on the price drop given that Force Fri is coming up and they need space. They were 15 dollars before this price drop.

If you know of a Walmart with a large quantity of these, it'd be worth checking. If you need me to ship u any let me know.

On a side note, I saw where 3 new build-and-play models are coming out. They are Star Destroyer, U-Wing and the new AT-AT (can't recall the designation of the new walker).


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Jimmer, I think Walmart sent all the Revell kits to your location as I checked three Walmarts in my area (Hampton Roads region, Virginia) and found nothing. But then, all the model kits have disappeared from these stores seemingly a long while ago.

I recommend buying them all then selling them off at a modest mark-up to recoup the funds. Or run a 'make & take' event for local kids to get some new recruits over to the dark sid... up modeling! ;^P

The only kit I have interest in is the FO TIE since it works out to a (reasonable) 1/48 scale size that works with the rest of my SW collection. The X-Wing kit that is close, at 1/51 scale, is the in the range one step up. It isn't bad, just nothing to write home about.

R/ Robert
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