Revell Razor Crest - Completed


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I just finished up the Revell Razor Crest. I had a few issues, but I'm happy with the way it turned out.

Razor 6c.jpg

Razor 14c.jpg

Razor 4c.jpg

Razor 8c.jpg

Razor 2c.jpg

Razor 10 b.jpg


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Beautiful job! What paint did you use for the chrome?
Thank you. I used Alclad II Airframe aluminum. That was one of the most challenging aspects of this build. Getting a really good gloss black base coat before applying the Alclad and then applying the Alclad carefully, in light multiple passes.


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That looks really good, and nice work on the weathering and paint! I hear you on the black gloss coat... it's pretty much the reason I have not started this kit yet :) I have had so many black gloss paint jobs go south, but yours turned out great!

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