Revamping my Batsuit


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So I have slowly been working on revamping my Batsuit. Here is where it has been for quite some time.
I was using a chest piece made by Brin and belt and cowl by Reevz. I was also using dye sub suit underneath. I've decided to get away from the latex chest and move more to a fabric suit. I have commissioned a suit to be made by SMP designs and it looks awesome.
10866913_10205808205827206_1933022217_n - Copy.jpg 11022910_10206595167780763_879456125_n (1) - Copy.jpg
Using some old leather pouches I put together the Belt.

And I picked up these gauntlets off the BOTB. The fins pop up with a flick of the wrist.

I'll still be using my Reevz cowl. I also am trying to figure out what symbol I want and what to do for boots.... More pics to come soon
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