Return of the Living Dead part II (1988)

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Thomas Andreas

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Hey all! Any of you out there familiar with the Return of the Living Dead movies? If so, awesome! In particular, there were some masks from the part 2 film being sold in quite abundance online about 18 years ago (ballpark). I believe private sellers sold them via some website and then probably trickled through eBay from there. Any-who, I was curious if anyone knows of any that are out there or have any items from the film in their personal collection???(available for purchase or even just to share pics of :D) .. I think those masks were really cool and very 80s-comicbook style ghouls (my absolute favorite!)
There is a short YouTube documentary that was released about 10 years ago called ‘they won’t stay dead’… in some interviews there are plenty of props seen in the backdrop from the movie (masks, corpses, skulls, etc) and they look in amazing condition!! If anyone has any more info on this let me know! Thank you!

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