Retro, comicbook style Space Helmet (Lots of Pics)


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OOPs!! I badly botched something here. Stand by while I attempt this again.
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I'll try this again.

I started with a few shipping tubes in various diameters. The largest is 11 inches in diameter to fit over my head.

I refined the tubes by applying a veneer using poster board to hide seams and defects. The front assembly for the air intake waffle fan is glued onto the collar. I should mention the globe isn't glued on yet. It was the last thing that I did.

I had built a box for the "backpack" which houses the air outtake blower fan to ensure airflow through the helmet.

After much sanding and test fitting, I had brushed on a mixture of white glue and water to seal the collar and backpack before painting. I sparypainted on a couple of poyurethane coats to give the whole thing a tougher skin. I then painted both items with Valspar Metal paint and overcoated with a satin finish clearcoat. I then scapped away the cured paint and polyurethane down to the paper on the spots where I glued the backpack to the collar. A 1 1/2inch diameter flextube was fed through the backpack manifold and centered. A small screw was driven into the flextube from the inside of the box to hold it in place while I drilled a hole to feed wire through the flextube to the front waffle fan. Once the wires were soldered and insulated, I cemented the fans into place.

I completed the backpack assembly and epoxied the globe onto the collar.

Here is the result.

Both 12 volt fans run on a single 9 volt baatery. Enough air flows through to prevent fogging and remain cool inside the helmet.


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That is really cool. I have to build two different space suits for separate projects, and this gives me some great ideas.

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Very cool. Funny thing is you can use this basic thing for modern sci-fi stuff too. There is a space suit somewhat like that in Fallout 3 that you have to wear. And i just added that comic to my amazon list thanks alot lol.
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awesome awesome build i love a good pulp scifi helmet!!!! are those cardboard? tubes ahrd to come by? I was thinking doing something like this for my mars attacks collar as well. not sure if home depot caries them tho.