Retro 51 The Rocketeer Pen and Coin set


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Hello Folks,
I ran into this on Instagram and wanted to share with fellow Rocketeer Fans. If you have ever heard of Retro 51 creator of some really cool themed looking pens. Trust me they don’t disappoint and are collectibles b/c they are numbered for each they do. You don’t have to take my word for it just go check them out for yourself. You will see a pen in a whole different way. The company motto is, “Life Is Too Short To Carry An Ugly Pen”. Below are a few pics of the upcoming Rocketeer Pen and Coin. Also the website link to Preorder if your interested once they are gone that’s it. Expected shipping October 2022. I gotta say this Rocketeer pen is INSANE!

OKKTO Website Store:

Retro 51 Pen and Coin Set Pictures



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Sweet already all four new Rocketeer pen releases. I understand collectible pens aren’t for everyone. I started collecting some just because of the different themes aviation and space programs.

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