Restored Robot Jox Achilles


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Hey gang-
Fours years on the bench and it is done. Five foot tall live action puppet from Robot Jox. Fully posable, lighted cockpit. Re-assembled from two screen used robots, the Tank Tred Bot and the Flying Stunt Bot. All sections of the models were interchangable during production. So I took the best of each to make one in-tact restored bot. Each on its own was laking, due to missing sections and or heavy damage. Re-assembled and repaired from original blueprints that I own. Crash and burn!








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Wes R

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Okay I'm officially jealous. The movie tends to be underrated along with Crash and Burn and Robot Wars. This is one of the few movie props I'd seriously like to get. What did you do with the remains of the other 2 robots you used for parts?


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Now THAT is all kinds of awesome!!!

Robotjox was the first Mecha-movie that I ever got to see! That is damn, damn, damn fantastic, thanks so much or sharing!!!

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Absolutely beautiful. Those blueprints are like the ultimate paper prop too lol. It's funny i put up a post months ago about any behind the scenes stuff for the movie when i was thinking of scratch building a giant robot and you've manage in one thread to give us way more pics than anyone had i think. Thanks for sharing.


Wow. This is awesome. A friend of mine is a really big fan of this movie. I'm going to show him the link. Thank for your hard work.


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That is beautiful! I loved Robo Jox as a kid and haven't seen it in years. This brought back some memories for sure.


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WOW! this is incredible, I just picked up some Space Trucker props for a good price and I was day dreaming about finding a Robot from this film to add to my Stuart Gordon collection, well done sir this is just crazy cool.


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I can scan up my Jox drawings. I can print 13x19 archival prints if anybody is interested...Original art by Steve Burg, based on Ron Cobb initial drawings. Pretty amazing pieces. I have front, side, and a three way cockpit drawing.
I'll put up a link tomorrow.


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Just got a nice PM asking about how this bot worked on screen. Here is an unofficial explanation based on a few rare pics and rebuilding him...

For the big bots the went old school Thunderbirds style. Picture frame cable was screwed directly to the internal 2x4 wood internal structure. The pivot points are all cast iron plumbing fittings, on the inside. The knees and elbows are simple slip joints...loosen the screw if ya want it to move:) a long steel pole stuck out his back that was puppeteered for gross body movements. Above the whole thing was scaffolding with cables to hold him up. He was also pushed and pulled off screen to make him move. There are very few shots of the full five footer in the film. Mostly close-ups...I'm sure six guys are holding him up right off camera.
If mine didn't have the back pole and base pole, he would sit down by him self...just like a marionette.

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Ahhh!!! I can't see the pictures from my work computer. :angry

Live-action-wise, Robot Jox left a lot to be desired, but I loved the robots and the puppeteering. And Crash and Burn was highly underrated, IMO. I can't wait to get home and open my presents! ;)

"I do not fight...Tubies!"

...OK, I'm home. Holy moly, that's impressive! Nice work.
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