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Personally, I would go with a P100 rated filter, but I do not know their availability in Europe. Near the middle of this page are charts showing the different ratings.

Edit: I found a document that gives more information on filter ratings.

I am a not an expert, I am just a guy on the internet. This is just my opinion so don't sue me if you get poisoning or lung cancer. That being said, if you are working with resin then from that PDF I linked to I think you want a filter with an A and B rating of 2. A rating of 1 might be ok. It seems to be based on how much how long you are exposed and how dense the fumes are. But don't blame me if I'm wrong and you die.
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For anything like this I'd go to my local branch of Arco (or similar) who are safety equipment specialists.
They'll know which mask / filter combination matches your needs and they'll ensure that you buy the correct size of mask - yes size does matter!
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