resistance 3 release


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i was just wondering, resistance 3 is coming out in six days, and i'm really excited. i just wanna know if any body else is excited for the upcoming release of the franchise.

Hovito loincloth

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blah blah ps3 rubbish blah blah gears is much better blah blah xbox ftw......

Anyhoo, looks really nice. The character models seem a bit stiff and undetailed but the gameplay and environments look gorgeous. Where's the fullsize Bullseye prop Sony? GOW get a Lancer and we get a paltry necklace with 2 teeth on it!( That is if Gamestop actually got any in stock for the pre-order crowd :lol)


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speaking of Gears, I was playing the Warhammer Space marines demo the other day...

But yeah, Resistance 3 is pretty awesome and I've only played the beta.

as for the X-Box comments... really? can we NEVER have a PS3 topic without someone coming in to bag on our system?
You don't see us bringing down any 360 topics.


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wow, that was interesting. it all goes back to which console is better than the other. just to throw my two cents in this topic, i think both the PS3 & Xbox 360 are great consoles. i'm not bias on neither one is better. i'm a gamer, always have, always will. both consoles crank out absolutely killer titles that i really enjoy playing.

Hovito loincloth

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I think Hovito was being sarcastic...

Give that man a cigar!
80% of the internet is porn. 15% is xbox and ps3 fans bitching and 5% is Iron Man pekapura files.:lol

And I can't even get on my PS3 to play it yet as my son's copy of Dead Island got here first.......I'll just have to play with my free Chimera Sack Boy key ring.


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Picked up Resistance 3 today. Very disappointed.
Online play completely sucks... Graphics are awful, controls are clunky, unbelievable frame lagging and players teleporting all over the map. (and this was after I downloaded Insomniac's latest patch)
I put in Resistance 2 to see if maybe my internet connection might be causing the lagging and control problems. Nope.
Resistance 2 still has fluid gameplay and graphics and razor sharp controls.

I'm returning Resistance 3 tomorrow.


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Wow hahaha, that is brutal dude!

I own both consoles and i'm glad I do. Both have killer exclusive titles and have great perks to both.


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I sold my PS3 quite a while back. When i saw the reviws and footage of R3, i really wanted my ps3 back! I loved the first Resistance, the second not so much....( i kept getting stuck on a bit where you have to run away from some nasty swarm cloud in a corridor thing...)

Is this game as good as it looks?


Hovito loincloth

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Well I got a chance to play today (ah the delights of chloroform!) and the campaign is pretty good, graphics better than I was expecting and I've had no probs with the multiplayer. The 60 player free for all on Resistance 2 was too manic for my sedate tastes. The smaller maps suit me fine and anyway MP will get eclipsed by UC2,Rage,MW3 and BF3 in a few weeks anyway.
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