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Has anyone ever used any of these two resin types, these are the only resins I can find in Bahrain, I am very limited on supplies in this country, any feedback will be greatly appreciated. I am mostly looking to resin a Pepakura bucket.

C. Kruel Clear Casting Resin 750ml

Hobby Line Resin 250ml
ok, found our some info, the first one is
Hobby Line Polyester resin, 2 parts, clear comes in 750ml German product

Hobby Time Polyester Resin, 2 parts, clear comes in 250ml Brittish product
I would assume that most polyester resins are pretty similar. Base resin, add required drops of hardener, mix, apply. Do you have a more specific question? Like, will _______ resin work if I _____________________?
Yes, Poly resin is the most common and I venture what is most used. epoxy resin is much more expensive and easier to work with. I think what you are looking at is your basic run of the mill type resin and it will work fine for you.
i used to paint cardboard masks with layers of wood glue, it was on thicker cardboard but if your careful not to soak the card on the first layer it could be fine, if it absorbs to much it probably will deform.

to strengthen it up you could make a pulp with tissues/toilet roll and watered down wood glue for reinforcing the inside.

obviously this is an experimental suggestion to be tested first, i think it would work but would be terrible to see a good pep ruined by an untested suggestion.
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