Resin Wolverine Claws (non metal)


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Does anyone do Resin Wolverine Claws, as due to uk laws i dont think i can order any panthera claws and was wondering does anyone do these type of claws in resin


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GundamZeppelin: Erm dont have the expertise to do them.

Jmtwo:Will be sending you a pm
I'm sorry cash is tight these days :(


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ihi all

im just doing some right now i have used 3mm abs

just cut the claws out of a few rest pieces i had

im waiting for the spray paint to dry ill post pics of mine later


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I make sets of these - amazing how everyone's designs look so similar.

But I guess a claw, is a claw is a claw. :)

Mine taper down to a point, like the prow of a ship and have a blade profile.

Solid resin, pointy, but not dangerous. I also do a bigger grip for larger hands, where you would cut off the teardrops and connect the grip using wire.

I'm in the UK.



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I cut these out of aluminium..then filed'em to get the rough edges off...then cleaned'em up...(polished'em)...with soap and steel wool>
I then tapped out a 3/16th hole in each of them and threaded them onto a LONNNNNNNG 3/16 bolt[attachmentid=8449]